Stephanie Braddell, Product Operations

What inspired you to choose the MSRB? 
It is a small company that offers the ability to use my skills in a way that will make a difference quickly. I also enjoy being able to interact and work closely with decision makers. 

What do you do on the job? Describe a typical day: 
I manage a team of on-site staff and an off-site call center that responds to inquiries about MSRB products. I make sure we have adequate staff to handle all inquiries, review data from the previous day’s calls to address and resolve issues, and support organizational projects in order to be operationally ready.  

What I love most about my job is... 
That I have the flexibility and trust to experiment with team dynamics and on-the-job training in order to enhance the knowledge and skill-set of myself and my great team.   

My greatest achievement at the MSRB was when... 
We have developed the call center into an integral part of the MSRB’s business beyond just taking incoming calls. Our team proactively supports organizational initiatives such as the annual process of ensuring that all registered firms have updated their registration information in our electronic registration form.

When I am not at work, I am...
Going for long walks with my dogs, exploring the shopping malls and outlets for new finds, and practicing my photography. I enjoy cooking, experimenting with new dishes or learning to cook traditional dishes. I’m also still sightseeing in Washington, DC after 15 years of living here.