Saliha Olgun, Market Regulation

J.D., New York Law School
Bachelor of Arts, George Mason University

What inspired you to choose the MSRB?
I used to work in public service before I went to law school, but I went to work at a large law firm right after law school. The MSRB seemed like the right next step and a happy medium between the two. The work we do here is meaningful and challenging, and our policies allow to me to feel like I’m fully present in both my work life and my family life.

My greatest achievement at the MSRB was when...
I won the Bond Buyer “Rising Star” award. I’m generally not one for fanfare, but the recognition was really meaningful. 

When I am not at work, I am...
Most likely having a tea party with my 4- and 5-year-old girls or listening to my 9-year-old son talk to me about the difference between Marvel and DC Comics. (Who knew there were so many superheroes?) My girls make everyone who has tea with them wear at least one “dressy” article of clothing, so I’m often rocking a sweatshirt paired with a red ball gown skirt around the house.