Barbara Voute', Market Structure

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Middle Tennessee State University


What inspired you to choose the MSRB? 
I’ve spent the bulk of my career working for broker-dealers within the fixed income department and often interacted with regulators. I always appreciated the thoughtfulness and professionalism the MSRB staff exhibited when responding to my inquiries and conducting the rulemaking process. 

What do you do on the job? Describe a typical day: 
There is no “typical day” at the MSRB, and I enjoy a dynamic work environment. Some days I’m collaborating with staff on rulemaking initiatives, other days I’m interacting with industry participants and still others are focused on enhancing my knowledge regarding industry practices, MSRB rules or training. 

What I love most about my job is... 
When sharing previous experiences and knowledge with the MSRB staff helps make them more successful in their roles. 

My greatest achievement at the MSRB was when... 
I’m still fairly new at the MSRB. I hope my greatest achievement is still to come! 

When I am not at work, I am...
Either taking care of some kind of animal or sightseeing around the D.C. area.