For Policymakers

The MSRB serves as a resource on the municipal securities market for Members of Congress and their staff seeking objective, authoritative information to help guide policymaking decisions.


Public Commentary

About the MSRB

  • The Role and Jurisdiction of the MSRB
    Read about the mission of the MSRB and its oversight responsibilities.
  • MSRB Report Card
    View a summary of the MSRB’s progress toward enhancing market structure, improving disclosure practices and promoting regulatory efficiency in alignment with recommendations of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s 2012 Report on the Municipal Securities Market.
  • Regulatory Efficiency
    Monitor progress on the MSRB’s effort to promote regulatory efficiency by ensuring that new and existing municipal securities regulations function as efficiently as possible and are consistent with those of other regulators, when possible.
  • MSRB Policy on Economic Analysis
    Read the MSRB’s policy for conducting economic analysis when engaged in the rulemaking process.

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