Municipal Bond Market

The approximately $3.7 trillion municipal bond market brings together bond issuers and investors to finance public infrastructure projects.

How the Market Works

Read about how municipal bonds come to market and how municipal bonds are bought, sold and traded.

About Municipal Securities

Read about the different kinds of securities issued by municipalities and what investors should know about the types of municipal securities.

Investor Resources

Get access to information about researching municipal bonds and considerations that should be made before a purchase.

Registered Dealer List

The MSRB maintains a list of securities and bank dealers registered to trade and underwrite municipal securities.

Registered Advisor List

The MSRB maintains a list of advisors registered to provide municipal advisory services.


Look up definitions of hundreds of terms used in the municipal securities industry. Our glossary is helpful to individual investors and professionals alike.

File a Complaint

Investors, issuers or obligated persons may file a complaint against a municipal securities dealer or municipal advisor.