Rule A-12 Initial Fee

Upcoming Changes

This rule will be amended effective May 12, 2014.  View the new rule.

Initial Fee

Prior to effecting any transaction in or inducing or attempting to induce the purchase or sale of any municipal security, or engaging in municipal advisory activities, a broker, dealer, municipal securities dealer, or municipal advisor shall pay to the Board an initial fee of $100, accompanied by a written statement setting forth the name, address and Securities and Exchange Commission registration number of the broker, dealer, municipal securities dealer, or municipal advisor on whose behalf such fee is paid. The Commission registration number shall also be set forth on the face of the remittance. Such fee shall be payable at the offices of the Board. In the event any person subject to this rule shall fail to pay the required fee, the Board may recommend to the Commission that the registration of such person with the Commission be suspended or revoked. No municipal advisor shall be in violation of this rule for failure to pay this initial fee in advance of January 1, 2011.