MSRB NOTICE 2000-07a (FEBRUARY 10, 2000)



Monday, April 3, 2000
Marriott World Trade Center
Three World Trade Center
Grand Ballroom I
New York City



10:00   A.M.   Introduction 

            Christopher Taylor, Executive Director

10:10   A.M.   MSRB's Upcoming Agenda

            Robert Estrada, Chairman & CEO, Estrada Hinojosa & Company
                 Dallas, Texas, and MSRB Chairman

10:30   Latest Rulemaking Developments; Political Contributions; Consultants

            Diane Klinke, General Counsel
            Ernesto Lanza, Associate General Counsel
            Carolyn Walsh, Assistant General Counsel
            Ronald Smith, Senior Legal Associate

11:15   Operations and Transparency

            Hal Johnson, Deputy General Counsel
            Larry Lawrence, Policy & Technology Advisor
            John Baughman, Senior Data Analyst and TRS Supervisor

12:15   Lunch

1:30     Electronic trading of Municipal Securities & Electronic Communication
               with Customers

            Diane Klinke; Hal Johnson; Ernesto Lanza

2:30     Enforcement update

            Diane Klinke; Carolyn Walsh



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