MSRB NOTICE 2000-29 (SEPTEMBER 27, 2000)


The MSRB will hold an outreach meeting in Boston, MA, at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 12. The purpose of the meeting is to give members of the municipal bond community in and around Boston the opportunity to hear about MSRB objectives and initiatives and to discuss any matters of concern. Dealers, investors, and issuers are invited to share their views with members of the MSRB Board and staff.

The meeting will be hosted by one of our third-year members - R. Hilliard Ebling, Senior Vice President and Division Head, Securities Trading Division, State Street Capital Markets. Other Board members participating in the meeting will be Dan Keating (Bear Stearns), MSRB Chair 2000-2001, Tom Stanberry (US Bancorp Piper Jaffray), MSRB Vice Chair 2000-2001, and Jerry Jacobs (Putnam). MSRB staff members Kit Taylor (Executive Director) and Hal Johnson (Deputy General Counsel) will also be attending.

The meeting will be held at State Street Bank, 33rd Floor, 225 Franklin Street, Boston, MA. Refreshments will be served following a presentation by MSRB Board and staff members. Anyone wishing to attend should contact Hilly Ebling at (617) 664-3437 or

The MSRB expects to hold additional outreach meetings in other cities. Tentative plans call for holding another outreach meeting in Chicago in March, 2001. "These meetings are an important way for members of the muni bond community and the MSRB to reach a common understanding of the issues facing our industry," said MSRB Chairman Keating. "Technology and the Internet offer both challenges and opportunities for us to make this a better, more cost-efficient industry," he added.

September 27, 2000