MSRB NOTICE 2002-37 (DECEMBER 17, 2002)


The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board is introducing today a new section of its web site devoted to municipal fund securities, including interests in 529 college savings plans and local government investment pools (LGIPs).  The web site provides a broad range of educational information helpful to investors, securities firms, banks and others interested in the 529 college savings plan and LGIP markets.  Areas of the web site include product information, firm qualification requirements, securities regulation, information for investors, and links to other resources.

Securities firms and banks that market 529 college savings plans and other forms of municipal fund securities must comply with the fair practice and other rules of the MSRB.  The MSRB was established in 1975 by Congress to develop rules regulating securities firms and banks involved in underwriting, trading and selling municipal securities.  Municipal securities include bonds, notes and other securities (including municipal fund securities) issued by states, cities, counties and their public instrumentalities to help finance public projects and for their other public purposes.

The Municipal Fund Securities web site is available directly at and is also accessible by clicking on the Municipal Fund Securities link on the MSRB’s home page at

December 17, 2002