MSRB NOTICE 2003-02 (JANUARY 24, 2003)


The 2003 Nominating Committee of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board requests recommendations of persons to be considered for five Board positions opening on October 1, 2003.  



The MSRB, established by Congress in 1975 to act as the primary rulemaking body for the municipal securities industry, consists of 15 members—five representatives of bank dealers, five representatives of securities firms and five public members. One public member must represent issuers and one investors. Public members may not be associated with a securities firm or bank dealer other than by reason of being under common control with, or directly controlling, any broker or dealer which is not a municipal securities broker or municipal securities dealer.

When making recommendations, keep these Board membership requirements in mind:

  • One public representative, two securities firm representatives and two bank dealer representatives must be elected this year to ensure equal representation in each category;
  • Municipal securities dealers of diverse size and type must be represented; and
  • Wide geographic representation must be maintained.


1. At a minimum, submit the information listed below for Board nominee recommendations (recommendation forms may be obtained from the link below and the MSRB's offices—telephone (703) 797-6600).

  • The name, business affiliation, business address and telephone number, home address and telephone number and category (bank dealer, securities firm or public representative) of the individual recommended.
  • The educational and professional background of the individual recommended.
  • The proposer's name, business address, telephone number and professional relationship (if any) to the individual recommended.
  • The affiliation (if any) of the individual with any broker, dealer or municipal securities dealer.

2. Determine in advance that the individual recommended is willing to serve on the Board.

3. Submit recommendations no later than March 3, 2003 to:

Peter J. Hill
Chairman, Nominating Committee
Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
1900 Duke Street, Suite 600
Alexandria, VA  22314-3412