MSRB NOTICE 2004-04 (JANUARY 29, 2004)


The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board has published the second edition of its Glossary of Municipal Securities Terms.  The first edition, published by the MSRB in 1985 as an adaptation of the Florida Division of Bond Finance’s glossary, has served as a vital resource to professionals in the municipal securities industry.  This second edition reflects the growth and changes in the municipal securities industry since the publication of the original Glossary.  By making the Glossary freely available on its website, the MSRB hopes that this extraordinary educational resource will be consulted not only by the industry professionals who have already come to rely on the earlier Glossary but also by the general investing public.

The preparation of this new edition of the Glossary was undertaken by a devoted group of industry professionals, including E. Allen Cole, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.; Kendra Follett, Swendseid & Stern (a member of Sherman & Howard L.L.C.); William F. Henderson, Piper Jaffray & Co.; Marshall Kneeland, Citigroup Global Markets Inc.; Gerry Paradine, Merrill Lynch Professional Clearing Corporation; John Waechter, William R. Hough & Company, Inc.; and William F. Sweeney, former Director of the Florida Division of Bond Finance and editor of the original Florida glossary.  The MSRB’s Loretta Jones and Ernesto Lanza provided editorial assistance.

The Glossary of Municipal Securities Terms, Second Edition, is accessible on the MSRB’s website at