MSRB NOTICE 2010-02 (JANUARY 27, 2010)


The Nominating Committee of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board is seeking qualified candidates to be considered for future Board positions. Five positions, each with a three-year term, will be available October 1, 2010.  

About the MSRB

The MSRB is a self-regulatory organization whose mission is to protect investors and the public interest by ensuring a fair and efficient municipal securities market. To accomplish this mission, the MSRB regulates securities firms and banks that underwrite, trade and sell municipal securities, and collects and disseminates market information and trade data. The MSRB was established by Congress in 1975 and is subject to oversight by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Board Composition

The MSRB Board consists of 15 members.  Five members are public and independent of the industry, and 10 members are industry representatives from securities firms and bank municipal bond dealers. The MSRB is seeking qualified candidates in the public/independent and industry categories.

Procedure for Recommending Candidates

  1. Submit a candidate recommendation form, which is available at, or by calling (703) 797-6754.
  2. Submit recommendations no later than March 15, 2010 via email to or by mail to: 

Stanley Grayson
 Chair, Nominating Committee
Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
1900 Duke Street, Suite 600
Alexandria, VA  22314-3412