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Rule G-38 Question and Answer

Agreement to Jointly Seek Underwriting Assignments

Q: Dealer Firm A and Dealer Firm B have entered into an agreement to jointly seek underwriting assignments. As part of this agreement, the two dealers have jointly submitted proposals to issuers. Dealer Firm A ultimately is selected to underwrite a negotiated sale of a primary offering of municipal securities (i.e., "municipal securities business" as defined in rule G-37). Dealer Firm B will not act as an underwriter on this offering but will assist Dealer Firm A in structuring the transaction. Dealer Firm A will compensate Dealer Firm B for the work it provides on the transaction. Is Dealer Firm B a consultant to Dealer Firm A pursuant to rule G-38, on consultants?

A: Yes. Dealer Firm B is a consultant to Dealer Firm A because, pursuant to the definition of consultant in rule G-38(a)(i), Dealer Firm B is: (1) used by Dealer Firm A to obtain municipal securities business, (2) through direct or indirect communication with an issuer on behalf of Dealer Firm A, and (3) the communication is undertaken by Dealer Firm B in exchange for, or with the understanding of receiving, payment from Dealer Firm A. Moreover, Dealer Firm B is not exempt from the definition of consultant since it is not a municipal finance professional, and its sole basis of compensation is not the actual provision of legal, accounting or engineering advice, services or assistance. In addition, the Board believes that, even though Dealer Firm B is providing substantive work on the transaction, any dealer used by another dealer (other than a member of the syndicate) to assist in obtaining or retaining municipal securities business is acting as a consultant pursuant to rule G-38.

 March 4, 1999


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