MSRB Reports April 1999 - Calendar

April 28 Amendments to rule G-11(g)(ii) became effective
May 7 Amendments to rule G-15(d)(ii) became effective
July 1 Technical amendments became effective
August 1 Effective date of revised test specifications and study outline for the Series 52 examination
September 30 Comments due on draft amendment to rule G-36(c)(i) and on possible alternatives to the current system of dealer dissemination of official statements
October 31 Due date for payment of Board’s annual fee ($200)
Due date for Form G-37/G-38 to be sent to the Board (for the period of July 1, 1999 – September 30, 1999)
November 1 Comments due on revised draft rule changes relating to municipal fund securities
Pending Amendments to rule G-16
Amendments to rules G-38, G-37 and G-8
Proposed Daily Transaction Report

MSRB Forums on Land-Secured Disclosure

The Board is hosting forums on land-secured disclosure in the following cities on the following dates:

Washington, D.C. September 14, 1999

Houston, Texas September 15, 1999

Costa Mesa, California September 16, 1999

The forums will consist of sections discussing: the role of developers in providing disclosure; how to best represent value in land-secured transactions; issues involving dissemination of disclosure information; and the recently released NFMA draft "Best Practices for Land-Secured Disclosure."

For more information, contact the Board at (202) 223-9347.

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