Volume 16, Number 2 June 1996

(Volume 16, Number 2) June 1996



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In This Issue

Consultants: Rule G-38
Questions and Answers Notice Published
The notice sets forth general guidance on the various provisions of rule G-38

Reporting Time-of-Trade to the Board in Inter-Dealer Transactions
Amendment Approved: Rule G-14
The amendment provides that, when reporting inter-dealer transactions under the Board's Transaction Reporting Program, the time of trade execution must be reported along with the other trade information required by rule G-14.

Guidelines for Reporting Inter-Dealer Transactions under Rule G-14
Under rule G-14, dealers must report their inter-dealer transactions to the Board each day. Failure to make timely and accurate transaction reports may subject dealers to enforcement actions by the NASD, bank regulatory agencies or the Securities and Exchange Commission. This notice includes an overview of the Board's Transaction Reporting Program, a brief summary of the procedures for transaction reporting and a description of the most common reporting errors that should be avoided by dealers.

Revisions to Board Fee Assessments
Amendments Approved: Rules A-13, A-14 and G-14
The amendments to the fee schedule implement a new transaction fee of $.005 per $1,000 par value on inter-dealer sales transactions, effective March 1, 1996, and raise the $100 annual fee to $200, effective for the fiscal year that began on October 1, 1995.

Clarification of Previous Interpretation: Rule G-37

Technical Amendments Filed: Rules G-15 and G-33

Technical Amendment Filed: Rule G-9

Proposed Change Filed to Certain Fees Relating to the OS/ARD Subsystem

Financial Statements - Fiscal Years Ended September 30, 1995 and 1994

Publications List

Publications Order Form



March 1
Effective date of revisions to Board fee assessments

May 28
Effective date for changes to certain fees relating to the operation of the OS/ARD subsystem

July 1
Effective date for time-of-trade reporting requirement pursuant to the rule G-14 transaction reporting procedures

July 31
Due date for Form G-37/G-38 to be filed with the Board (for the period April 1, 1996 - June 30, 1996)

Technical amendments to rule G-9
Technical amendments to rules G-15 and G-33

Reminder:Rule G-34, on CUSIP Numbers and New Issue Requirements
Underwriters for new issue municipal securities are reminded that the exemption from the depository eligibility requirements of rule G-34 for new issues less than $1 million in par value will expire July 1, 1996


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