MSRB Reports February 1998, Volume 18, Number 3

Board's Rules at Web Site

You may now view the Board's rules by accessing its web site. In addition to the Board's rules, the site currently contains interpretive letters from the Board as well as Board notices, copies of Forms G-37/G-38 submitted by dealers and past issues of MSRB Reports.

At the end of April 1998, the Board will no longer supply dealers with subscriptions to the loose-leaf edition of the MSRB Manual. The Board will provide those dealers "registered" with the Board a copy of each printing of the soft-cover edition of the Manual. Interested parties may obtain the loose-leaf edition of the Manual from Commerce Clearing House.


In This Issue

Operational Start Date for Customer Transaction Reporting

Question and Answer Notice: Rule G-38



Amendments to Exempt Certain Dealers from the Form G-37/G-38 Submission Requirement and Other Amendments


Disclosures in Connection with New Issues


Also In This Issue


Revised Forms G-36 and Amendment to Rule G-8 Filed

Proposed Amendment to Board's Continuing Education Program


Syndicate Practices

Activities of Financial Advisors

Letter of Interpretation

Fee for CD-ROM Containing Copies of Forms G-37/G-38

Recommendations Requested for Board Nominations

Publications List

Publications Order Form

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