MSRB Reports Volume 20, Number 1 - March 2000


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MSRB Forums on Healthcare Disclosure

MSRB Compliance Seminar

Amendments Filed Regarding the Reporting of Consultants’ Names and Roles
Amendments Filed: Rules G-38 and G-8

Question and Answer Notice: Rule G-38

Question and Answer Notice: Rule G-37

Supervision, Review and Retention of Correspondence with the Public
Amendments Filed: Rules G-8, G-9 and G-27

Revisions to Board Fee Assessments
Amendments Filed: Rule A-13

Periodic Compliance Examination
Amendment Approved: Rule G-16

Financial Statements—Fiscal Years Ended September 30, 1999 and 1998

Publications List

Publications Order Form

Board Elects Estrada Chairman

The Board has elected its Chairman, Mr. Robert A. Estrada, for its 2000 fiscal year.  Mr. Estrada began his term as Chairman on October 1, 1999.

Mr. Estrada, an attorney at law, is Chairman and CEO of Estrada Hinojosa & Company, Inc., a Dallas, Texas, investment banking firm he founded in 1990. He started his firm following his serving at the White House as Special Assistant to President George Bush. Prior to that, Mr. Estrada practiced law as a bond lawyer in Texas. Mr. Estrada received his J.D. and B.S. degrees from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Public Reporting of Individual Transactions in Frequently Traded Municipal Securities

Service Approved: Rule G-14

The Securities and Exchange Commission has approved a service to provide a daily public report concerning information on individual transactions in frequently traded municipal securities. To obtain a subscription to the new report service, it will be necessary to sign a subscription agreement, but there will be no fee.

Release of Certain Statistical Information on Transaction Reporting Patterns in the Municipal Securities Market

The Board has released certain statistical information on transaction patterns in the municipal securities market.

Amendment Filed Relating to Official Statements Prepared in Connection with Most Primary Offerings Exempt from Exchange Act Rule 15c2-12

Amendment Filed: Rule G-36

The Board has filed an amendment to rule G-36(c)(i) relating to official statements prepared in connection with most primary offerings exempt from Exchange Act Rule 15c2-12. 

Requirements for Dealers to Obtain from Their Consultants Information on Political Contributions and Payments to Political Parties and for Dealers to Report Such Information to the Board

Amendments Approved: Rules G-38, G-37 and G-8

The amendments require dealers to obtain from their consultants information on the consultants’ political contributions and payments to state and local political parties and to report such information to the Board on Form G-37/G-38.


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