MSRB Reports -- Volume 19, Number 2 -- April 1999



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Application of Rule G-37 to Presidential Campaigns of Issuer Officials

Question and Answer Notice: Rule G-38

Financial Advisors Acting as Remarketing Agents
Amendments Approved: Rule G-23

Disclosure of Designation Information to Syndicate Members
Amendment Filed: Rule G-11

Timely Dissemination of Information on Advance Refunded Securities

Proposed Rule Change on Automated Confirmation/Acknowledgement
Amendment Filed: Rule G-15(d)(ii)

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In This Issue

Additional Requirements for Pending Amendments on Disclosure of Consultants’ Contributions

Comments Requested: Rule G-38
Comments Due By: May 28, 1999
The Board is requesting comments regarding draft amendments to the proposed amendments to rule G-38, on consultants, pending at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Municipal Fund Securities

Comments Requested: Rules A-13, G-3, G-8, G-14, G-15, G-26 and G-34 and draft rule D-12
Comments Due By: May 15, 1999
The Board is requesting comments regarding the application of existing Board rules and certain draft rule changes relating to municipal fund securities.

Customer Transaction Reporting Reminder on Transactions with Issuers and New Error Codes

This notice concerns new issue transactions with issuers and two additional error codes.

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