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MSRB Forums on Land-Secured Disclosure

Disclosure of Designation Information to Syndicate Members
Amendments Approved: Rule G-11(g)(iii)

Automated Confirmation/Acknowledgment
Amendments Approved: Rule G-15(d)(ii)

Periodic Compliance Examination
Amendment Filed: Rule G-16

Revised Test Specifications and Study Outline for the Series 52 Examination Approved

Test Program for the Electronic Submission of Continuing Disclosure Information to the MSRB

Technical Amendments Adopted

Publications List

Publications Order Form

Subscriptions to the Board’s E-Mail Notification Service

The Board’s web site ( contains useful information for dealers, municipal securities investors and the general public. The Board is alerting industry participants to the availability of e-mail notification of important notices, including information about proposed and final amendments to rules, significant rule interpretations and MSRB services, as they are added to the Board’s web site. E-mail notification provides dealers with the most timely communications available regarding new regulatory developments.

The Board strongly encourages all dealers, and other industry participants, to subscribe to the Board’s e-mail notification service by providing the Board with an e-mail address. Dealers and others who wish to subscribe to the Board’s e-mail notification service can do so by completing the form on the front cover of this issue of MSRB Reports, or by subscribing electronically through the home page of the Board’s web site.

While the Board currently distributes hard copy versions of MSRB Reports on a periodic basis free of charge, subscribers to the e-mail notification service will receive e-mail notification of information as it becomes publicly available prior to its publication in MSRB Reports. In the future, the Board may consider the discontinuation of complimentary copies of MSRB Reports with the understanding that the Board will alert dealers and others via their e-mail addresses of the posting of new notices and other information to the Board’s web site.

In This Issue

Municipal Fund Securities Revised Draft Rule Change

Comments Requested: Rules A-13, G-3, G-8, G-14, G-15, G-26, G-32 and G-34 and draft rule D-12.

Comments Due By: November 1, 1999

The Board is requesting further comment on revised draft rule changes relating to municipal fund securities.

Public Reporting of Individual Transactions in Frequently-Traded Municipal Securities: Rule G-14

Proposed Service Filed with SEC for Approval

The proposed service will offer a new Daily Transaction Report, containing transaction information on individual transactions in frequently-traded municipal securities reported to the Board by dealers under Board rule G-14.

Official Statement Deliveries Under Rules G-32 and G-36 and Exchange Act Rule 15c2-12

Comments Requested

Comments Due By: September 30, 1999

The Board requests comments on a draft amendment to rule G-36(c)(i) and on possible alternatives to the current system of dealer dissemination of official statements.

Proposed Amendments Filed to Pending Amendments at the SEC: Rules G-38, G-37 and G-8

The Board has filed additional amendments to the pending amendments at the Securities and Exchange Commission concerning the disclosure of consultants’ contributions.

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