MSRB Reports February 1998, Volume 18, Number 3


Filing With SEC


Fee for CD-ROM Containing Copies of Forms G-37/G-38


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  • Manager, Muni Department
Notice of Filing

The Board has established a fee relating to the public dissemination on CD-ROM of quarterly Form G-37/G-38 filings.


Questions about this notice may be directed to Thomas A. Hutton, Director of MSIL.


On December 16, 1997, the Board filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) a rule change to establish a fee relating to the public dissemination, in computer CD-ROM format, of copies of Form G-37/G-38 submitted to the Board in each calendar quarter pursuant to rule G-37, on political contributions and prohibitions on municipal securities business, and rule G-38, on consultants. The Board is establishing a price of $10.00 (plus delivery or postage charges and any applicable sales tax) for each CD-ROM containing copies of Form G-37/G-38 and a price of $11.50 (plus delivery or postage charges and any applicable sales tax) for each such CD-ROM that is bundled with a CD-ROM containing the software necessary to access and read the forms.(1)


The Board has also begun posting copies of Form G-37/G-38 sent to the Board in recent quarters on the Board's Internet web site (, where members of the public may download such forms to their computers for review and printing. The Board does not currently charge a fee for such access.

December 16, 1997


1. Once a user acquires a copy of the document reader software program, either in a one-time purchase from the Board bundled with a Form G-37/G-38 CD-ROM or from other commercially available sources, such user would not need to make future purchases from the Board of the higher-priced bundled package.


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