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EMMA Enhancements

Coming Soon

  • CUSIP Management: The MSRB’s CUSIP Management and Clean Up project, which has an objective to improve data quality and accessibility on EMMA in response to user feedback, will continue to hit key milestones.
  • Registration Form: Enhancements will be made to the usability of MSRB Form A-12, the form used by municipal securities dealers and municipal advisor firms to register with the MSRB.

Future Enhancements

  • EMMA Alert Enhancements: Improvements will be rolled out for MyEMMA alerts, such as adding new types of alerts for users and fixing common user experience pain points.
  • Search Enhancements: Enhancements will be rolled out for search on EMMA, improving the experience for users and modernizing search for market data and information.
  • Continuing Disclosure Submission: Improvements will be made to an issuer's ability to control the information associated with their securities on EMMA by implementing changes to continuing disclosure submission account options.

History of EMMA Enhancements

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Read about all the enhancements to EMMA since its creation.