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About EMMA

Electronic Municipal Market Access







The Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website is the municipal market’s free source of data and information on virtually all municipal bonds. The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) operates the EMMA website to promote a transparent, fair and efficient market. Discover how investors, state and local governments, financial professionals and the public can use EMMA to make more informed decisions about municipal securities. 

Resources Available on EMMA

Research Municipal Securities
EMMA provides real-time trade prices, official statements, credit ratings, ongoing disclosure documents and other information about more than one million outstanding municipal securities:

  • Find a Security. EMMA’s advanced search tools allow users to find a specific municipal security by its unique identifier or by name.
  • Gauge Municipal Bond Prices. EMMA’s price discovery tool allows investors to find and compare trade prices of municipal securities with similar characteristics.
  • View Upcoming Issues. See a new issue calendar listing the municipal bond issues scheduled to come to market, as well as those recently sold.
  • Track a Security. EMMA users can create a free MyEMMA profile to receive an alert when new information becomes available for selected securities.

Browse Issuers
EMMA features an interactive map that enables users to access a searchable directory of all state, city, county and other municipal securities issuers in a particular state:

  • Issuer Homepages. Each issuer has a unique page that consolidates all information available on EMMA about the issuer’s securities, including recent trades, official statements, disclosure documents and optional information such as contact information, website addresses and pre-sale documents. Learn more about issuer homepages.

Explore Trends and Data

  • EMMA’s market statistics provide insight into new issuance trends, trade activity and continuing disclosure filings.
  • An economic calendar highlights key data releases, announcements and other macroeconomic developments that could have an impact on the municipal market.

Learn More about EMMA

The MSRB provides educational resources about how to use EMMA: