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External Relations

Learn about the MSRB’s External Relations team

The External Relations team builds the bridges that connect the MSRB with our diverse community of stakeholders, strengthening the bonds that connect us to the core participants in our market, media, policymakers and other external stakeholders.  

  • Communications. The External Relations team leverages multimedia channels to tell the story of the MSRB’s important role in safeguarding the market that enables access to capital, economic growth, and societal progress in tens of thousands of communities across the country.  

  • Stakeholder Engagement. The External Relations team fosters opportunities and forums for stakeholders to share their perspectives and viewpoints, helping the MSRB identify priorities and advance potential solutions.

  • Education. The External Relations team connects stakeholders, including policymakers and the media, to the resources, data and expertise they need to make informed decisions. The team develops and delivers impactful educational content that advances the MSBR’s mission to foster a fair and efficient market. 

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Aleis Stokes

Chief External Relations Officer

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