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Fiscal Year 1984 Board Members

Fiscal Year 1984 Board Members

Public Representatives

Robert P. Beshar
Attorney at Law

Peter J.D. Gordon
T. Rowe Price Associates Inc.

Morris C. Matson
American Municipal Bond Assurance Corporation

Donald J. Robinson
Hawkins, Delafield and Wood

Mary Des Roches
University of Minnesota

Securities Firm Representatives

Bernard R. Bober (Vice Chair)
Ehrlich-Bober & Co., Inc.

Robert N. Downey
Goldman, Sachs and Co.

Arch W. Roberts
Arch W. Roberts and Co.

Michael D. Vick
M.B Vick and Company

Everett D. Williams
Stone and Youngberg

Bank Representatives

Arthur T. Cooke, Jr. (Chair)
Bank of America NT & SA

John L. Glenn, Jr.
Sun Bank, N.A.

Ralph Horn
First Tennessee Bank, N.A.

Stephen C. Stone
Cullen/Frost Bank

Frederick C. Witsell, Jr.
Morgan Guaranty Trust Co.