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G-32 Form Updates

G-32 Form Updates

On May 10, 2022, based on industry stakeholder feedback, the MSRB updated Form G-32 to make it more user friendly through increased functionality. The form was last revised in August 2021 to add additional data fields under MSRB Rule G-32; the May update doesn’t change those fields but improves usability. The enhancements identified by users based on their experience with the form are intended to make it easier and more intuitive to complete. The updated EMMA Primary Market Submission Manual is available here.  

The enhancements to usability to Form G-32 include:

  • The ability to copy Municipal Advisor, Syndicate Managers and Obligated Person(s) from one Issue/Series to another;
  • Revised tool tips in plain language for Series ID, Objective Criteria and Compound Accreted Value (CAV);
  • Additional resources in the “resources” section of the form providing more tools for accurately completing the form;
  • The total Principal Amount to be billed now appearing in the Print Preview PDF;
  • The redemption data table not checking maturities that are equal to a Premium Call, Par Call or Putable date;
  • The ability to copy the Initial Offering Price (IOP) and Initial Offering Yield (IOY) fields into the Original Issue Discount (OID) fields;
  • The ability to delete the first obligated person in the obligated person(s) section;
  • The ability to delete the first CUSIP in the Credit Enhancement section; and
  • The Restrictions on Issue field not truncating the form.

If you have any questions, please contact MSRB Support at 202-838-1330 or at