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Long-Term Vision for EMMA

Long-Term Vision for EMMA
Promoting transparency in the municipal securities market is part of the mission of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB). Our Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website is designed to support a transparent market and serve the evolving information and decision-making needs of market participants and the public. EMMA provides free data, disclosures and interactive tools that promote a fair and efficient municipal securities market. Enhancing the availability of pricing-related market data by creating a Central Transparency Platform (CTP) on EMMA and helping market participants comply with regulatory obligations are future-state goals.
EMMA Guiding Principles
To achieve the vision for EMMA, the MSRB must evaluate and prioritize many possible investments, developments and improvements. These guiding principles are intended to aid the MSRB in determining the future development of and investment in EMMA.

  • Promote fair municipal security transactions and support investment and issuance decisions by making comprehensive pricing and disclosure information readily available at no cost;
  • Facilitate efficient access to and submission of municipal market data, disclosures and information through an interface that is intuitive and dynamic;
  • Prioritize potential enhancements based on the public interest, cost, benefit, and size of target audience; and
  • Ensure that data storage and delivery are reliable and secure without sacrificing availability.