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MSRB 1982 Reports

MSRB 1982 Reports
Volume 2, Number 1 (January 1982)

Page 2  Specific Identification of Municipal Securitas
Page 5  Exposure Draft Rule G-34 on CUSIP Numbers
Page 7  Amendments on Fungibility
Page 9  Application of Board’s Rules to Municipal “Commercial Paper”
Page 13  Application of Board’s Rules to Participation Interests in Municipal Tax-Exempt Financing

Volume 2, Number 2 (February 1982) 

Page 3
  G-11: Syndicate Practices Q & A’s
Page 5  1982 Nominating Committee
Page 7  Nominations to the Board
Page 11  G-33: Calculations Rule Approved
Page 15  Qualifications – Procedures for Administration of Qualification Examination
Page 19  Qualifications – Examination for Sales Principals Approved
Page 21  G-27: Allocation of Supervisory Responsibility Amendments approved
Page 23  G-12: Verification Procedures
Page 25  G-12: Resolution of Money Differences
Page 27  G-12 and G-15: Transactions in Discounted Securities
Page 29  Financial Statements

Volume 2, Number 3 (March/April 1982)

Page 3  G-12:  Amendments Approved Concerning Fungibility of Securities
Page 5  A-13: New Issue Assessment Fee Decreased
Page 6  A-13: Letter of Interpretation
Page 7  G-15: Comments Requested Concerning Draft Amendment to Yield Disclosure
Page 9  Municipal Lease and Installment Contract Participation
Page 11  G-9: Amendment filed Reducing Retention Period for Certain Syndicate Records
Page 13  G-12: Complaints received Concerning Inadequate Documentation
Page 15  A-11: Amendment Approved Providing for Indemnification of Arbitrators
Page 5  New Issue Assessment Fee Decreased

Volume 2, Number 5 (July 1982)

Page 3  G-33: Amendments to Calculations Rule Approved
Page 7  G-11: Notice Concerning Board Determination not to Adopt Concession Rules
Page 11  G-19: General Review of Requirements Regarding Suitability
Page 13  G-30: Recent SEC Decision Concerning Pricing Violations Letters of Interpretation
Page 17  G-33: Day Count Employed in Calculations of Interest on Securities
Page17  G-8(a) (xi): Maintenance of Customer Account Information Records

Volume 2, Number 6 (August 1982) 

Page 18 
G-15 (a) (viii): Yield Disclosure on Customer Confirmations of Transactions At Par
Page 18  G-23 (b):  Whether Certain Mortgage Banking Activities Constitute Financial Advisory Activities
Page 7  Filings:  G-34 CUSIP Numbers
Page 11  G-12: Amendments on Fungibility and Specific Identification of Munis
Page 3  Comment- Delivery/Receipt Versus Payment Transactions
Page 7  G-15: Comments Requested Concerning Draft Amendment Requiring CUSIP Numbers
Page 17  G-25: Comments Requested on Proposed Amendments to Prohibitions of Guarantee against Loss
Page 19  G-12: Amendments Approved Concerning Use of a Registered Clearing Agency
Page 23  G-3: Notice Concerning Minimum Waiting Periods Required
Page 25  G-12 and G-15: Interpretation Concerning Requirements Pertaining to Transactions in Registered Securities

Volume 2, Number 7 (October/November 1982) 

Page 3  Madolini Elected Chairman
Page 3  Board Members 1982-83
Page 5  Registration of Municipal Securities
Page 9  G-12(h): Comments Requested on Proposed Amendments to Close-Out Procedures
Page 13  Zero Coupon, Compound Interest, and Multiplier Securities – Notice 
Page 17  Tax-Exempt Notes – Notice Concerning Application of Board Rules
Page 19  Withdrawal of Proposed SEC Rule 15c2-12 on “Riskless Principal Transactions”
Page 21  G-3: Persons Engaged in Financial Advisory Activities
Page 21  G-12 and G-15: Callable Securities and Disclosure
Page 21  G-12, G-15 and G-17: Original Issue Discount, Zero Coupon Securities
Page 22  G-21: Advertisements of Securities Not Owned

Volume 2, Number 8 (December 1982) 

Page 3  Registration of Municipal Securities- Excerpts from Report of Conference
Page 7  G-12: Amendments Approved Concerning Fungibility and Specific Identification Municipal Securities
Page 9  G-12: Amendment Filed Concerning Confirmations with Cusip Number Discrepancies
Page 11  G-12: Amendment Filed Concerning Note Denominations
Page 13  A-13: New Issue Assessment Fee Decreased