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MSRB 1985 Reports

MSRB 1985 Reports
Volume 5, Number 1 (January 1985)

Page 3  Board Nominations
Page 9  Disclosures on New Issues Amendments Rule G-32 and G-8 and G-9
Page 11  G-12: Close out Procedures- Extensions for Bonds in Transfer 
Page 13  Syndicate Manager Selling Short for Own Account to Detriment of Syndicate Account

Volume 5, Number 2 (February 1985)

Page 2  Publications Close Out Manual and Arbitration Pamphlets
Page 3  Tender Option Programs:  The SEC sent the Board a letter                
Page 5  G-3: The Board discusses municipal securities activities
Page 7   G-12: use of Post-Original Comparison Procedures of Registered Clearing Agencies
Page 9  G-12 & G-15:  Specific Transactions-Determining Dealer or Customer
Page 11  G-12 & G-15: Delivery of Called Securities Amendment File
Page 13  A-12: Payment of Initial Fee
Page 15  G-3: Qualification of Municipal Securities Principals
Page 17  G-12: Letter of Interpretation:  Automated Clearance

Volume 5, Number 3 (April 1985)

Page 3  G-32, G-8 and G-9: Disclosures in Connection with New Issues Amendment Filed
Page 7  Comments Requested – Development of Automated Systems
Page 11  G-19, G-26 & G-27: Suitability of Recommendations to Customers Amendments Filed
Page 15  G-12 & G-15: Comments requested: Processing of Interest Payment Claims
Page 17  G-12 & G-15: Amendments Filed Confirmation Requirements for Original issue Discount Securities
Page 19  G-12 Attachment of Interest Payment Check to Delivery of Securities Made after Record Date
Page 21  G-15 & G-17: Altering the Settlement Date on Transaction in “When-Issued” Securities
Page 23  G-35 Arbitration: Amendment Filed
Page 25  G-12  & G-15: Letters of Interpretation

Volume 5, Number 4 (June 1985) 

Page 3  A-13: Amendment Filed Underwriting Assessment fee Rate
Page 5   G-11: Syndicate Practices – A Review Comments Requested
Page 7  G-12: Use of Post-Original Comparison Procedures of Registered Clearing Agencies
Page 9  G-34: CUSIP Number Assignments –Amendments Filed
Page 13  G-12 & G-15 Amendments Approved: Confirmation Requirement for Original Discount Securities
Page 15  G-12: Amendment Approved
Page 17  Transfer Efficiency and Selection of Record Dates on Registered Securities
Page 19  G-12 & G-15:  Delivery of Called Securities Amendment Approved
Page 21  G-19, G-26, G-27: Suitability of Recommendations, Amendment Approved 
Page 25  G-3: Qualification of Municipal Securities Principals, Amendment Approved
Page 27  A-12:  Payment of Initial Fee, Amendment Approved
Page 29  G-8,G-9,G-10,G-27: Supervisory Responsibility Amendments Filed

Volume 5, Number 5 (August 1985) 

Page 3  G-32, G-8, G-9: Disclosures in Connection with New Issues Amendments Approved
Page 7   G-12: Settlement Dates for Transactions Amendments Filed
Page 9  G-34: CUSIP Number Assignment
Page 13  G-12 & G-15: Processing of Interest Payment Claims, Amendments Filed
Page 17  G-17:  Syndicate Managers – Designated Sales Fees, Interpretation
Page 19  G-8, G-9,G-10, G-27: Supervisory Responsibility Amendments Approved
Page 21  G-12 & G-15: Delivery Tickets – Requirements Conformed

Volume 5, Number 6 (November 1985) 

Page 5  G-11: Syndicate Practices, Comments Requested
Page 9  G-12, G-15: Amendments Approved
Page 13   G-34: The Board Proposes rule change which would require underwriters
Page 15  G-15: Sending Confirmations to Customers Who Utilize Dealers to Tender Put Option Bonds
Page 17  G-12, G-15, G-17, & G-30: Application of Board Rules to Put Option Bonds