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MSRB 1989 Reports

MSRB 1989 Reports

Volume 9, Number 1 (March 1989)

Page 3  Stripped Coupon Municipal Securities
Page 9  G-35: Payment of Escrow Arbitration Awards, Amendment Filed
Page 11  G-3: Qualifications of Financial and Operations Principals Comments Requested
Page 15  G-35: Arbitration Changes, Amendments Filed
Page 19  G-8: Suitability Record keeping for Institutional Accounts, Amendment Approved
Page 21  G-23: Q & A’s Activities of Financial Advisors
Page 25  G-8, G-9, G-27: Letter of Interpretation, Use of Electronic Signatures

Volume 9, Number 2 (August 1989)  

Page 3  Guiding Principles for a Central Electronic Repository
Page 5  G-36 and G-8: Delivery of Final Official Statements to the Board
Page 9  SEC Rule 15c2-12 on Underwrite Disclosure Adopted
Page 11  A-13: Increase in Underwriting Assessment Fee, Amendments Filed
Page 13  G-27 and G-9: Supervision Requirements Comments Requested
Page 17  Payment or Escrow of Arbitration Awards and Composition of Arbitration Panels
Page 21  G-3: Qualifications of Financial and Operations Principals, Amendments Filed
Page 23  G-35: Arbitration Changes Amendments Filed
Page 25  Letter to SEC on Proposed Rule 15c2-12
Page 27  Letter to ABA on Trustee Disclosure Practices
Page 29  Letter to NFMA on It’s Draft Disclosure Guidelines
Page 31  Letter to ANSI on It’s Draft Standards for Call Notification
Page 33  G-12 and G-15: Confirmation Requirements for Partially Refunded Securities/Calculation of Price and Yield on Continuously Callable Securities
Page 35  Revision of Representative Examination

Volume 9, Number 3 (November 1989)  

Page 3  G-36 and G-8: Delivery of Official Statements to the Board, Amendments Filed
Page 9  G-36 and G-8: Delivery of Refunding Documents to the Board Comments Requested
Page 13  G-27 and G-9: Supervision Requirements
Page 15  G-35 and A-16: Arbitration Changes Amendments Approved
Page 19  G-34 Notice, CUSIP Numbers for Callable Multi-Series
Page 21  G-32: Technical Amendments Amendment Filed
Page 23  G-35 Administrative Changes to Arbitration, Amendments Filed
Page 25  Revisions to the Municipal Securities Representat6ive Examination