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MSRB 1992 Reports

MSRB 1992 Reports

Volume 12, Number 1 (April 1992)  

Page 3  Continuing Disclosure Information Pilot System Amendment to FacilityApproved
Page 7  A-13: Underwriting Assessments Amendment Filed
Page 11  G-36: Delivery of Official Statements to the Board, Comments Requested
Page 21  G-15: Transactions in Municipal Collaterized Mortgage Obligations, Interpretation of Rule G-15
Page 23  G-15: Disclosure of Remuneration to Customers, Amendments Approved
Page 25  G-23: Activities of Financial Advisors, Amendment Approved
Page 27  G-23: Q & A Activities of Financial Advisor
Page 31  G-12 & G-15: Automated Clearance and Settlement Comments Requested
Page 37  G-12: Open Inter-Dealer Transactions, Comments Requested
Page 39  G-3: Professional Qualifications Amendments Filed
Page 45  G-11: Syndicate Expenses Notice
Page 47  Arbitrator Training

Volume 12, Number 2 (July 1992)  

Page 3  OS/ARD Subsystem of the MSIL System Activated on April 20, 1992
Page 5  G-34: CUSIP Number Eligibility Standards and Requirement to Obtain CUSIP Numbers – Comments Requested
Page 9  G-3: Professional Qualifications Amendments Approved

Volume 12, Number 3 (September 1992)  

Page 3  Customer Protection in the Municipal Securities Market, Comments Requested
Page 9  G-12: Board Finalized Implementation Plan for Automated clearance and Settlement Revisions Amendment Filed
Page 11  G-36: Delivery of Official Statements to the Board Amendment Filed
Page 15  G-36(OS) and G-36(ARD): Q & A’s
Page 17  Arbitrator Training