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MSRB 1995 Reports

Volume 15, Number 1 (April 1995)  

Page 3  G-38: Consultants Comments Requested
Page 11  Transaction Reporting Program for Municipal Securities: Phase II Comments Requested
Page 17  Political Contributions and Prohibitions Municipal Securities Business Amendments Approved
Page 21  G-37: Q & A’s
Page 23  G-3: Continuing Education Requirements, Amendment Approved
Page 29  G-12 and G-15: Developments Concerning T+3 Settlement, Amendments Approved
Page 33  G-12(b)(i) and G-15(b)(i): Defines Trade Date for Municipal Securities Comments Requested
Page 35  G-12(b) and G-34: Relating to Certain Notifications Given to Registered Clearing Agencies Concerning New Issue Municipal Securities, Comments Requested
Page 39  G-15(a): Customer Confirmations Amendment Filed
Page 51  G-15: Amendments Filed Trade Date Submission of Delivery vs. Payment and Receipt vs. Payment Customer Transactions
Page 53  G-34: CUSIP Numbers
Page 55  G-26: Customer Account Transfers, Amendments Filed

Volume 15, Number 2 (July 1995)  

Page 3  G-37: Questions and Answers
Page 5  G-37: Letter of Interpretation
Page 9  Changes Proposed to CDI System
Page 13  Syndicate Expenses: Per Bond Fees to Book running Expenses
Page 15  Reporting Inter-Dealer Transactions to the Board
Page 19  Transactions in Municipal Securities with Non-Standard Features Affecting Price/Yield Calculations
Page 21  G-12(a) and G-15(b): Three Day Settlement
Page 23  Continuing Education Program Update: Regulatory Element Q & A’s
Page 29  G-36 and G-36(OS): Delivery of Official Statements to the Board, Amendments Filed