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File a Complaint Against the MSRB

The MSRB seeks to ensure that accounting and audit complaints, and other allegations of wrongdoing by a member of the MSRB Board of Directors or staff are addressed promptly. A toll-free hotline (844-348-1577) managed by an independent service provider allows members of the public to report, on a confidential and anonymous basis, concerns about MSRB accounting or auditing matters, or other potential wrongdoing by the MSRB, its Board or staff.

To notify the MSRB about any of these matters, members of the public may also email the MSRB's General Counsel at or the Chair of the Board at, or send a letter addressed to the General Counsel or the Chair of the Board to the address below.

Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
1300 I Street NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20005
Attention: General Counsel - Complaint Against MSRB
Fax: 202-898-1500

If a complaint relates to wrongdoing by a broker, dealer, municipal securities dealer or municipal advisor, please refer to information on our Report a Municipal Market Complaint page to find the appropriate method to report a municipal market complaint, or to provide general feedback or concerns. The toll-free hotline listed above should not be used for complaints against brokers, dealers, municipal securities dealers or municipal advisors, or for general feedback or concerns.