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The New MSRB Website

The MSRB has redesigned its website to make municipal market rules, research and resources easier and more intuitive to find. In doing so, the MSRB prioritized addressing feedback from frequent users, including dealers, municipal advisors, issuers and investors. Municipal market stakeholders rely on the MSRB website for the latest regulatory and compliance information and quality research reports and educational resources that put market trends into context. The new MSRB website improves access to this essential information while also more effectively communicating the MSRB’s progress toward our vision of giving America the confidence to invest in its communities.

User-Friendly Design

Simplified navigation, a more modern look and feel, and improved accessibility features enable both returning and new visitors to quickly find the information they need.

Image of the homepage
Consolidated Related Content

New dynamic pages allow users to find all related information about an MSRB rule and keep up with each step in the rulemaking process, for example. 

Image of the Rules and Regulations tracker


A Better Understanding of the Municipal Bond Market and the Role of the MSRB

The site is more intuitive for new visitors seeking to learn more about how the MSRB protects and strengthens this $4 trillion market.

Header of the About Us page
More Powerful Search

Enhanced search capabilities allow users to search across both webpages and PDF content and to filter their results to more quickly find what they are looking for. 


Image of the results from searching "Rule G-14"




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