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Periodical Statistical Reports

Periodical Statistical Reports

Number of Registered Municipal Securities Dealers
Annually updated data on the number of MSRB-registered dealers since 2009.
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Timing of Annual Financial Disclosures
Analyzes submissions of financial disclosures made to the MSRB’s Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) system and measures the number of days after the end of a fiscal year that audited financial statements and annual financial information were made available.

Continuing Disclosure Statistical Summary
Summarizes key data related to the continuing disclosure documents received by the MSRB.

Municipal Auction Rate Securities and Variable Rate Demand Obligations Interest Rate and Trading Trends
Summarizes key interest rate and trade data for auction rate securities and variable rate demand obligations.

Report on Secondary Market Trading in the Municipal Securities Market
Published in July 2014, this report analyzes municipal market trading patterns, associated pricing and the effect of price transparency on pricing.
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MSRB Build America Bonds: Issuance and Trade Activity Report
Published following the first calendar year of Build America Bonds issuance, this report reviews issuance and trading activity during 2009.
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MSRB Report on Unregulated Market Participants
Published in April 2009 following the MSRB's call for federal oversight of unregulated municipal market participants, this report outlines their activities and prevalence in the market.
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