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Contact: Leah Szarek, Director of Communications



Washington, DC – The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) today announced the members of its new Market Transparency Advisory Group (MTAG), which will advise the Board of Directors on strategic initiatives to modernize and enhance the free Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website and related systems in support of market transparency.

“Especially in these times of unprecedented market volatility and uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we appreciate the outpouring of support for this new advisory group from everyone who volunteered their time, creativity and forward-thinking in support of municipal market transparency,” MSRB Board Chair Ed Sisk said. “The perspectives of our new MTAG members will help us leverage our migration to the cloud by identifying and prioritizing initiatives that enable big data analytics and other tools, which in turn will allow the EMMA website and our other market transparency systems to deliver ever-increasing value to market stakeholders.”

A group of 13 market professionals representing a broad and diverse cross-section of the industry will help identify objectives for the modernization of the MSRB’s systems and provide input on potential data and technology tools for the market. The MTAG members for the current fiscal year ending September 30, 2020, are listed below.

Market Transparency Advisory Group

  • Hon. Colleen Davis, Delaware State Treasurer
  • Cynthia Evangelisti, Treasurer, Chicago Park District
  • Christopher Ferreri, Partner, Chief Operating Officer, Hartfield, Titus & Donnelly, LLC
  • Suzanne Finnegan, Chief Credit Officer, Build America Mutual
  • Charles Giffin, Managing Director - Public Finance, J.P. Morgan
  • Chris Kendall, Vice President - Fixed Income Trading, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
  • Mike Olander, Fixed Income Business Manager, Bloomberg LP
  • Hillary D. Phelps, Partner, Chapman and Cutler LLP
  • Susan Borries Reed, Director, Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors, LLC
  • Jason Richter, Deputy Treasurer of Debt Management, State of Washington
  • Paula Stuart, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Assurance Certification (DAC)
  • Lisa Washburn, Managing Director and Chief Credit Officer, Municipal Market Analytics
  • Sean Wilkoff Ph.D, Visiting Assistant Professor, Penn State University

The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) protects and strengthens the municipal bond market, enabling access to capital, economic growth, and societal progress in tens of thousands of communities across the country. The MSRB fulfills this mission by creating trust in our market through informed regulation of dealers and municipal advisors that protects investors, issuers and the public interest; building technology systems that power our market and provide transparency for issuers, institutions, and the investing public; and serving as the steward of market data that empowers better decisions and fuels innovation for the future. The MSRB is a self-regulatory organization governed by a board of directors that has a majority of public members, in addition to representatives of regulated entities. The MSRB is overseen by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Congress.