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MSRB 1981 Reports

Volume 1, Number 1 (July 1981)  

Page 2,11  Amendments Q & A’s concerning Qualifications and Corresponding
Page 7  Amendments to G-7, G-8, G-26, G-27
Page 15  Syndicate Settlement Practices Violations
Page 19  Amendment to Reclamation Provision Filed with the SEC

Volume 1, Number 2 (August 1981)   

Page 3 
Q & A’s  Blanket Consent from an Issuer
Page 5  Proposed  Amendments Filed
Page 11  Close-Out Procedures Approved Amendments
Page 21  Qualifications Amendments Regarding Muni Sales Principal
Page 25  Lien Restrictions Withdrawn

Volume 1, Number 3 (September 1981)   

Page 2
  Q & A’s Yield Disclosure Requirements
Page 3  Proposed Amendment on Fidelity Bonding Filed
Page 4  Amendments to Syndicate Practices Rules Approved
Page 9  Proposed Amendment Filed Regarding Shortening of Verification Procedure Deadline
Page 11  Interpretive Notice-Yield Disclosure Requirements for Purchases from Customers
Page 13  Proposed Rule on Calculations Filed

Volume 1, Number 4 (November 1981)   

Page 5 
Q & A’s  Missing Coupons and Coupon Checks
Page 7  Response to PSA request that MSRB consider Adoption of Concession Rules
Page 9  Letters of Interpretation
Page 11  Proposed Amendments filed Concerning  Transactions in Discounted Securities
Page 13  Proposed Amendment filed Concerning Resolution of Money Differences
Page 15  Proposed Amendments filed Concerning Comparison of Transactions 
Page 17  Amendment on Fidelity Bonding Approved
Page 19  Amendment on Reclamation of Registered Securities Approved