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MSRB Notice

Request for Comment on Publication of MSRB Rule Book

MSRB currently publishes paperback copies of the MSRB Rule Book semiannually, in January and July, that incorporate rule changes made during the previous six months.  The MSRB publishes its rules and rule interpretations online at  The MSRB website is updated throughout the year whenever new rules or other content is created and is always current.

MSRB has traditionally mailed one paperback copy of the Rule Book to each broker-dealer registered with the MSRB on a semiannual basis at no charge.  With the availability of rules and interpretations online, the MSRB is considering printing the Rule Book once a year, or eliminating the printed version completely if the industry does not see a need for it.

MSRB would like your opinion on whether to continue printing the MSRB Rule Book.  Does the printed version of the Rule Book serve as a resource for the municipal community or does the industry rely solely on the online version?  If the printed version is valued, would printing it only once a year be adequate?  If we discontinue printing the Rule Book, will having the rules available online serve everyone’s needs?  

Please submit opinions by June 30, 2008 to

June 11, 2008