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Issuing Municipal Bonds?

State and local governments rely on the municipal bond market to raise money to finance projects for their citizens. If you work for a state or local government or other municipality that is looking to issue municipal bonds, you've come to the right place. This page includes a selection of educational content aimed at helping issuers learn the basics of issuing municipal bonds. It also provides paths to additional content about the financial professionals you are likely to work with when planning a municipal bond issuance, your disclosure obligations and how to use the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website.

First, the basics.


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Watch a video about the issuance process and the role of the MSRB.

Take a journey through "Muniland" to see how municipal bonds are issued and sold to investors.

Get answers to some of your questions in Six Things to Know When Issuing Municipal Bonds.

Want to learn more? Let’s take a deeper dive.


Working with Financial Professionals


Understanding Disclosure Obligations


Making Disclosures on EMMA