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MSRB Notice

MSRB Creates New Online Training Videos on Making Primary Market and Continuing Disclosure Submissions to the EMMA Website

The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) has made available free online training videos to assist municipal securities dealers and issuers in making primary market and continuing disclosure submissions to the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA®) website. The MSRB’s EMMA website is the official repository for primary market documents, which include official statements and other documents that describe the terms and conditions of a new municipal bond issue.




Primary Market Tutorials
The MSRB has developed a series of primary market submission training videos to support and enhance municipal securities dealers’ compliance with MSRB rules about submissions to EMMA relating to the primary market. The videos walk through the steps required to submit primary market documents and information about a new issue of municipal securities, amending a submission and submitting information related to remarketings and refundings, among other topics. The titles of available primary market videos are below.




·         Submitting Primary Market Disclosures for a New Issue




·         Adding to or Removing Securities from a Primary Market Submission




·         Adding to or Removing an Issue or a Series from a Primary Market Submission




·         Submitting and Archiving an Official Statement Document




·         Submitting Remarketing Data and Information




·         Submitting an Advance Refunding




·         Submitting a Security Ineligible for CUSIP Assignment




·         Submitting Commercial Paper for a Primary Offering









Continuing Disclosure Tutorials The MSRB has also created two new continuing disclosure videos that explain the steps involved in submitting continuing disclosures to the EMMA system and how to create and modify groups of securities in EMMA for purposes of making disclosures.




·         Submitting Continuing Disclosures




·         Creating and Controlling Groups




Although the online training videos are aimed at municipal securities dealers and issuers, they are available free of charge to all municipal market stakeholders.




September 13, 2012