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Notice 2012-04 - Request for Comment
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Rule G-17

1.  BondView: Letter from Robert Kane, CEO, dated March 5, 2012

2.  Government Finance Officers Association: Letter from Susan Gaffney, Director, Federal Liaison Center, dated March 9, 2012

3.  Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A.: Letter from Kathleen Crum McKinney and Theodore B. DuBose, dated March 5, 2012

4.  Ice Miller LLP: Letter from Philip C. Genetos dated March 6, 2012

5.  Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority: Letter from Blake A. Blanch, Chief Financial Officer

6.  Indianapolis Airport Authority: Letter from Joseph R. Heerens, Chief Legal Officer, dated March 6, 2012

7.  Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: Letter from Michael J. Smith, Assistant Treasurer

8.  National Association of Bond Lawyers: Letter from Kristin H.R. Franceschi, President, dated March 8, 2012

9.  National Federation of Municipal Analysts: Letter from Lisa Good, Executive Director, dated March 26, 2012

10.  Squire Sanders LLP: Letter dated March 6, 2012