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Notice 2014-12 - Request for Comment
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Municipal Advisors

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Rule G-8, Rule G-9

1.  American Bankers Association: Letter from Cristeena Naser, Vice President, Center for Securities, Trust & Investments, dated August 25, 2014

2.  American Council of Engineering Companies: Letter from David A. Raymond, President and CEO, dated August 25, 2014

3.  Bart Leary: E-mail dated July 23, 2014

4.  Bond Dealers of America: Letter from Michael Nicholas, Chief Executive Officer, dated August 25, 2014

5.  Columbia Capital Management, LLC: Letter from Jeff White, Principal, dated August 25, 2014

6.  Dave A. Sanchez: Letter dated August 25, 2014

7.  Financial Services Roundtable: Letter from Richard Foster, Vice President and Senior Counsel for Regulatory and Legal Affairs, dated August 25, 2014

8.  Florida Division of Bond Finance: Letter from J. Ben Watkins III, Director, dated August 22, 2014

9.  Government Finance Officers Association: Letter from Dustin McDonald, Director, Federal Liaison Center, dated September 2, 2014

10.  Investment Company Institute: Letter from Tamara K. Salmon, Senior Associate Counsel, dated August 19, 2014

11.  Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham, Inc.: Letter from Laura D. Lewis, Principal, dated August 25, 2014

12.  National Association of Independent Public Finance Advisors: Letter from Jeanine Rodgers Caruso, President, dated August 25, 2014

13.  New York State Bar Association, Business Law Section, Securities Regulation Committee: Letter from Peter W. LaVigne, Chair of the Committee, dated August 27, 2014

14.  Piper Jaffray: Letter from Frank Fairman, Managing Director, Head of Public Finance Services, dated August 25, 2014

15.  Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association: Letter from Leslie M. Norwood, Managing Director and Associate General Counsel, dated August 25, 2014

16.  Southern Municipal Advisors, Inc.: Letter from Michael C. Cawley, Senior Consultant, dated August 25, 2014

17.  Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC: Letter from Robert J. McCarthy, Director of Regulatory Policy, dated August 25, 2014

18.  WM Financial Strategies: Letter from Joy A. Howard, Principal, dated August 25, 2014

19.  Zions First National Bank: Letter from W. David Hemingway, Executive Vice President, dated August 25, 2014