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Notice 2020-02 - Request for Comment
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Bank Dealers, Dealers, Municipal Advisors

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Rule A-3

All Comments to Notice 2020-02

1. Acacia Financial Group, Inc.: Letter from Kim M. Whelan, Co-President, and Noreen P. White, Co-President, dated April 29, 2020

2. Action Center on Race and the Economy, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund, Consumer Federation of America and Public Citizen: Letter dated April 29, 2020

3. Bond Dealers of America: Letter from Mike Nicholas, Chief Executive Officer, dated April 29, 2020

4. Government Finance Officers Association: Letter from Emily Swenson Brock, Director, Federal Liaison Center, dated April 29, 2020

5. Investment Company Institute: Letter from Dorothy Donohue, Deputy General Counsel - Securities Regulation, dated April 15, 2020

6. National Association of Municipal Advisors: Letter from Susan Gaffney, Executive Director, dated April 29, 2020

7. National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers: Letter from Beth Pearce, President, dated April 30, 2020

8.  National Association of State Treasurers: Letter from Shaun Snyder, Executive Director, dated April 28, 2020

9. National Federation of Municipal Analysts: Letter from Nicole Byrd, Chair, dated April 29, 2020

10. Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association: Letter from Leslie M. Norwood, Managing Director and Associate General Counsel, and Bernard V. Canepa, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, dated April 29, 2020

11. Steve Apfelbacher, Renee Boicourt, Marianne Edmonds, Robert Lamb, Nathaniel Singer and Noreen White [former MSRB Board members]: Letter dated April 29, 2020