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Notice 2021-17 - Request for Comment
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Municipal Fund Securities

All Comments to Notice 2021-17

Summary of Responses to the MSRB's Request for Information on ESG Practices in the Municipal Securities Market (August 2022)

1. 1919 Investment Counsel, LLC: Letter from Robert Fisher, Vice President, Credit Analyst - Municipal

2. AGVP Advisory: Email from Dan Aschenbach dated January 18, 2022

3. American Bankers Association: Letter from Justin M. Underwood, Executive Director, ABASA, Vice President, Banking Policy, dated March 8, 2022

4. American Securities Association: Letter from Christopher A. Iacovella, Chief Executive Officer, dated March 8, 2022

5. Anonymous: Email dated February 21, 2022

6. Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors, LLC: Letter from the BTMA Disclosure Leadership Team: Brian Colton, Susan Reed and Alyssa Glaser, dated March 8, 2022

7. Bloomberg L.P.: Letter from Gregory Babyak, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs, dated March 8, 2022

8. Bond Dealers of America: Letter from Michael Decker, Senior Vice President, dated March 8, 2022

9. Breckinridge Capital Advisors, Inc.: Letter from Adam Stern, Co-Head of Research, dated February 7, 2022

10. Build America Mutual: Letter from Laura Levenstein, Chief Risk Officer, and Michael Stanton, Head of Strategy & Communications, dated March 8, 2022

11. California Green Bond Market Development Committee (CGBMDC): Letter from David Wooley, Cecilia Latapi, and Michael Paparian, Secretariat for CGBMDC, dated March 8, 2022

12. Center for American Progress: Letter from Alexandra Thornton, Senior Director, Tax Policy, and Kevin DeGood, Director, Infrastructure Policy, dated March 8, 2022

13. Ceres and the Ceres Accelerator for Sustainable Capital Markets: Letter from Steven M. Rothstein, Managing Director, and Jim Scott, Senior Advisor, Financial Institutions, dated March 2, 2022

14. City of Detroit: Letter

15. City of New York, Office of the Comptroller: Letter from Marjorie E. Henning, Deputy Comptroller for Public Finance, dated March 7, 2022

16. City of San Diego, Debt Management: Letter from Lakshmi Kommi, Debt Management Director, dated March 9, 2022

17. Climate Resilience Consulting: Email from Joyce Coffee dated December 17, 2021

18. Community Capital Management, LLC: Letter from Julie Egan, Director of Research/Portfolio Manager

19. Consumer Federation of America: Letter from Dylan Bruce, Financial Services Counsel, dated March 14, 2022

20. Disclosure Industry Workgroup: Letter dated March 8, 2022

21. Domini Impact Investments LLC: Letter from Mary Beth Gallagher, Director of Engagement, dated March 8, 2022

22. Goldman Sachs: Letter

23. Government Finance Officers Association: Letter from Emily Swenson Brock, Director, Federal Liaison Center, dated March 8, 2022

24. Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.: Letter from Anthony Belcher, Vice President, Sustainable Finance, dated March 14, 2022

25. Investment Company Institute: Letter from Dorothy Donohue, Deputy General Counsel - Securities Regulation, dated March 8, 2022

26. ISS ESG: Letter from Maximilian Horster, Head of ISS ESG Business, and John McLean, ISS ESG, Muni QualityScore, dated March 8, 2022

27. Kestrel 360, Inc.: Letter from Monica Reid, CEO and Founder, dated March 2022

28. Lansing Board of Water & Light: Email from Heather Shawa, dated March 3, 2022

29. Large Public Power Council: Letter from John Di Stasio, President, dated March 22, 2022

30. Lord Abbett & Co. LLC: Letter from Daniel S. Solender, Partner and Director of Tax Free Fixed Income

31. Ludvigsen, Phillip J.: Letter 

32. MacKay Shields: Letter

33. McIntyre, James: Letter dated March 8, 2022

34. Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets: Letter from Dan Carol, Senior Director, Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets, and Caitlin MacLean, Senior Director, Innovative Finance, Milken Institute, and members of the Milken Institute Public Finance Advisory Council, dated March 8, 2022

35. National Association of Bond Lawyers: Letter from Ann D. Fillingham, President, dated March 7, 2022

36. National Association of College and University Business Officers: Letter from Elizabeth L. Clark, Vice President, Policy and Research, dated March 8, 2022

37. National Association of Health and Educational Facilities Finance Authorities: Letter from Dennis Reilly, President, and Charles Samuels, of Counsel, dated March 7, 2022

38. National Association of Municipal Advisors: Letter from Susan Gaffney, Executive Director, dated March 8, 2022

39. National Federation of Municipal Analysts: Letter from Lisa S. Good dated March 8, 2022

40. New Jersey Infrastructure Bank: Letter dated March 8, 2022

41. New York City Housing Development Corporation: Letter from Ellen K. Duffy, EVP Debt Issuance & Finance

42. PFM Financial Advisors, LLC: Letter from Cheryl Maddox, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, and Daniel Hartman, Chief Executive Officer, dated March 7, 2022

43. PIMCO: Letter from David Hammer, Managing Director and Head of Municipal Bond Portfolio Management, dated March 4, 2022\

44. Principles for Responsible Investment: Letter from Greg Hershman, Head of US Policy, dated March 8, 2022

45. Public Finance Initiative: Letter from Lourdes German, Executive Director, dated March 8, 2022

46. San Francisco Public Utilities Commission: Letter

47. Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association: Letter from Leslie M. Norwood, Managing Director and Associate General Counsel, dated March 8, 2022

48. Sperry Capital Inc.: Letter from Bryant Jenkins, Principal, dated March 8, 2022

49. State of Florida, Division of Bond Finance: Letter dated March 8, 2022

50. State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration: Letter from David R. Erdman, Capital Finance Director, dated March 8, 2022

51. TIAA: Letter from Amy M. O'Brien, Executive Vice President, Head of Responsible Investment, and Yves P. Denize, Senior Managing Director, Division General Counsel, dated March 8, 2022

52. Utah State Treasurer et al.: Letter dated March 8, 2022