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Any report of an examination or of information extracted from a report of an examination ("examination report") of a broker, dealer and municipal securities dealer furnished to the Board by the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to section 15(B)(c)(7)(B) of the Act and rule 15Bc7-1 thereunder shall be maintained and utilized in accordance with the following terms and conditions, in order to ensure the confidentiality of any information contained in such reports:

(1) Any such examination report shall be reviewed only by authorized members of the Board’s staff; no member of the Board shall have access, directly or indirectly, to an examination report. Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, the staff of the Board may furnish to the Board or any appropriate committee thereof summaries or other communications relating to the examination reports, provided that such summaries or other communications shall not contain information which might make it possible to identify the brokers, dealers or municipal securities dealers or associated persons which are the subject of the examination reports to which any such summary or other communication relates.

(2) The Chief Executive Officer and General Counsel shall designate jointly the members of the staff of the Board who shall have access to the examination reports.

(3) Each member of the staff of the Board who is authorized pursuant to section (2) of this rule to have access to the examination reports shall execute a written undertaking that he or she will not copy or use for personal purposes any part of such reports, nor reveal the contents thereof to any unauthorized person.

(4) The examination reports shall be maintained on the premises of the Board in locked cabinets with access thereto limited to authorized members of the staff of the Board.

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