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(a) Establishment. The Board may establish one or more standing or special committees, each to have and exercise such powers and authority as may be provided by the Board in the resolution establishing such committee; provided, however, that no such committee shall have the authority to exercise any of the powers and authority specifically required to be exercised by the entire Board by the Act or by rule of the Board or other applicable law. The Chair of the Board shall be an ex officio member of each committee.

(b) Procedure. The Board shall, by resolution, establish rules of procedure for each committee appointed by the Board, to the extent deemed necessary or appropriate by the Board. To the extent not so provided by the Board, each committee may determine its own rules of procedure.

(c) Public representative committee chairs. The chair of any committee that is responsible for assisting the Board in carrying out its responsibilities regarding the following matters shall be a public representative:

  1. governance,
  2. nominations, and
  3. auditing.

(d) Nominations committee membership. A majority of the committee responsible for nominations to the Board shall be public representatives, and the committee, as a whole, shall be representative of the Board’s membership.

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