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Notice 2012-13 - Request for Comment
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1.  Alamo Capital: E-mail from Bill Mullally dated March 9, 2012

2.  Bond Dealers of America: Letter from Michael Nicholas, Chief Executive Officer, dated April 13, 2012

3.  CFA Institute: Letter from Kurt N. Schacht, Managing Director, Standards and Financial Market Integrity, and James C. Allen, Head, Capital Markets Policy, dated April 13, 2012

4.  Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P.: Letter from David E. Fischer-Lodike, Capital Markets and Operations Compliance, dated April 13, 2012

5.  Full Life Financial LLC: Letter from Keith Newcomb, Portfolio Manager, dated April 13, 2012

6.  Government Finance Officers Association: Letter from Susan Gaffney, Director, Federal Liaison Center, dated April 13, 2012

7.  Investment Company Institute: Letter from Dorothy Donohue, Deputy General Counsel-Securities Regulation, dated April 13, 2012

8.  Li, Richard: Letter dated March 7, 2012

9.  Melton, Chris: E-mail dated April 13, 2012

10.  National Association of Independent Public Finance Advisors: Letter from Colette J. Irwin-Knott, President, dated April 13, 2012

11.  Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association: Letter from David L. Cohen, Managing Director, Associate General Counsel, dated April 13, 2012

12.  Thornburg Investment Management: Letter from Josh Gonze, Chris Ryon, and Chris Ihlefeld, Co-Portfolio Managers, dated March 12, 2012

13.  Vanguard: Letter from Christopher Alwine, Head of Municipal Bond Group, dated April 13, 2012

14.  Wells Fargo Advisors: Letter from Ronald C. Long, Director of Regulatory Affairs, dated April 13, 2012