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Notice 2022-07 - Request for Comment
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Bank Dealers

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Rule G-14

All Comments to Notice 2022-07

  1. American Securities Association: Letter from Kelli McMorrow, Head of Government Affairs, dated September 30, 2022
  2. Amuni Financial, Inc.: Letter from Mike Petagna, President, dated August 23, 2022
  3. Bailey, Bill: Email dated August 4. 2022
  4. Belle Haven Investments, L.P.: Letter from Matt Dalton, Chief Executive Officer, dated October 3, 2022
  5. Bernardi Securities, Inc.: Letter from Ronald P. Bernardi, President and CEO, dated September 30, 2022
  6. BetaNXT: Letter from Will Leahey, Head of Regulatory Compliance, dated October 3, 2022
  7. Bond Dealers of America: Letter from Michael Decker, Senior Vice President for Public Policy, dated October 3, 2022
  8. Bryant Bank: Letter from David Long, Executive Vice President, Correspondent Banking/Capital Markets, and Vincent Webb, Managing Director, Bryant Bank Capital Markets, dated September 28, 2022
  9. Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.: Letter from Seth A. Miller, General Counsel, President, Advocacy and Administration, dated October 3, 2022
  10. Cantella & Co., Inc.: Email from Jay Lanstein, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer, dated September 16, 2022
  11. Cantone Research, Inc.: Email from Maryann Cantone dated August 2, 2022
  12. Colwell, J.D.: Letter dated September 9, 2022
  13. DeRobbio, Raymond: Email dated August 3, 2022
  14. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP: Letter from Gerard O’Reilly, Co-CEO and Chief Investment Officer, and David A. Plecha, Global Head of Fixed Income, dated September 26, 2022
  15. Estrada Hinojosa & Co., Inc.: Letter from Robert A. Estrada, Chairman (Emeritus), dated October 3, 2022
  16. Falcon Square Capital, LLC: Letter from Melissa P. Hoots, CEO/CCO, dated October 3, 2022
  17. Financial Information Forum: Letter from Howard Meyerson, Managing Director, dated October 3, 2022; Supplemental Letter from Howard Meyerson, Managing Director, dated April 27, 2023
  18. Ford & Associates, Inc.: Letter from Jonathan W. Ford, Senior Vice President, dated September 9, 2022
  19. Hartfield, Titus & Donnelly, LLC: Letter from Edward J. Smith, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, dated September 14, 2022
  20. Herbert J. Sims & Co., Inc.: Letter from Melissa Messina, Executive Vice President, Associate General Counsel, R. Jeffrey Sands, Managing Principal, General Counsel, and William Sims, Managing Principal, dated October 3, 2022
  21. Higgins Capital Management, Inc.: Email from Deborah Higgins dated September 19, 2022
  22. Hilltop Securities: Letter from Lana Calton, Executive Managing Director, Head of Clearing, dated October 3, 2022
  23. Honey Badger Investment Securities, LLC: Letter from Joe Lee, CEO, dated September 30, 2022
  24. ICE Bonds Securities Corporation: Letter from Robert Laorno, General Counsel, dated September 30, 2022
  25. InspereX LLC: Letter from Robert D. Bullington, Vice President, Compliance Officer, dated October 3, 2022
  26. Institutional Securities Corporation: Letter from Scott Hayes, President and CEO, and Chris Neidlinger, CCO, dated September 30, 2022
  27. Investment Company Institute: Letter from Sarah A. Bessin, Associate General Counsel, dated October 3, 2022
  28. Investment Placement Group: Email from Darius Lashkari dated August 2, 2022
  29. Isaak Bond Investments: Letter from John Isaak, Sr. Vice President, dated August 16, 2022
  30. Isaak Bond Investments, Inc.: Letter from Donald J. Lemek, VP-Operations and CFO
  31. Kiley Partners, Inc.: Email from Mike Kiley, Owner, dated September 27, 2022
  32. Madison Paige Securities: Letter from Gary Herschitz, CEO, dated September 30, 2022
  33. Mayes, Christopher: Email dated September 27, 2022
  34. Miner, Kathy: Letter dated October 2, 2022
  35. Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board: Memorandum dated September 12, 2022
  36. Northland Securities Inc.: Letter from Randy Nitzsche, President and CEO, dated October 3, 2022
  37. Oberweis Securities, Inc.: Letter from James W. Oberweis, President, dated September 28, 2022
  38. Regional Brokers, Inc.: Letter from H. Deane Armstrong, CCO, and Joseph A. Hemphill III, CEO, dated October 3, 2022
  39. Robert Blum Municipals, Inc.: Letter from Robert Blum, President, dated September 16, 2022
  40. Roosevelt & Cross, Inc.: Letter from F. Gregory Finn, Chief Executive Officer, dated October 3, 2022
  41. RW Smith & Associates, LLC: Letter from Christopher Ferreri, President, dated September 13, 2022
  42. SAMCO Capital Markets, Inc.: Letter from Lee Maverick, Chief Compliance Officer, dated September 30, 2022
  43. Sanderlin Securities LLC: Letter from Matthew Kamler, President, dated September 27, 2022
  44. Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association and the SIFMA Asset Management Group: Letter from Kenneth E. Bentsen, Jr., President and CEO, dated October 3, 2022
  45. Sentinel Brokers Company, Inc.: Letter from Joseph Lawless, CEO, dated September 30, 2022
  46. Sheedy, Edward: Email dated August 2, 2022
  47. Stern Brothers and Co.: Letter dated October 3, 2022
  48. TRADEliance, LLC: Letter from Jesy LeBlanc and Kat Miller dated September 28, 2022
  49. Tuma, William: Email dated August 8, 2022
  50. Wells Fargo & Company: Letter from Nyron Latif, Head of Operations, Wells Fargo Wealth and Investment Management, and Todd Primavera, Head of Operations, Wells Fargo Corporate and Investment Bank, dated October 3, 2022
  51. Wiley Bros.-Aintree Capital, LLC: Letter from Keener Billups, Managing Director, Municipal Bond Department, dated September 20, 2022
  52. Wintrust Investments, LLC: Email from Thomas Kiernan dated August 2, 2022
  53. Zia Corporation: Email from Glenn Burnett dated September 6, 2022